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Pressure calibration service

Knowledge transfer for measurement monitoring
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As a sensor manufacturer, we calibrate hundreds of pressure sensors on a daily basis. We are glad to pass on this know and advise you individually to define the calibration procedure perfect to your needs. To build up a calibration history, we calibrate as found, adjust the device if necessary and calibrate as left again. Calibration certificates are generated as hard copy or pdf-format.

In addition to a room temperature calibration we can calibrate at defined temperatures as well.

Our scope – your PLUS in service

  • 0… 0.1 bar to 0… 700 bar gauge pressure
  • 0… 0.25 bar to 0… 150 bar absolute pressure
  • Calibration temperature from -40°C to + 150°C
  • Devices under test (DUT) with voltage or current output
  • As found calibration
  • Adjustment
  • As left calibration


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