pelton wheel flow meter NSF Beverage mini

Functional description

The Beverage-Mini is a flow meter designed for low-viscosity liquids, specifically developed as a flow meter for the beverage industry, including coffee, beer, wine, and spirits. This device offers high performance and competitive pricing with a flow range of up to 10 liters per minute. The Beverage-Mini features fully non-metallic wetted components, making it an ideal choice for measuring food and beverage products, as well as ultra-pure water. Titan Enterprises holds NSF169 certification for its 800 Series turbine flow meters and beverage dispensing flow meters, classified as “equipment for food and drink products.”
The radially driven turbine in the Beverage-Mini is equipped with robust, low-friction sapphire bearings, ensuring long life and reliable operation. The flow meter’s body is made from thermoplastic (PVDF), and the O-ring seal is made from Viton™.
Key applications for the Beverage-Mini include drink dispensing, batch dosing, cooling systems, beer monitoring, and use in semiconductor plants. The high accuracy and reliability of the Beverage-Mini make it an excellent choice for these diverse applications, particularly in environments where chemical resistance and compliance with food safety standards are critical.

Product details

Hose connection Ø3/8“
Measurement range0,6 - 10 l/min
Material of wetted partsPVDF including NSF
OutputImpuls (NPN or PNP)

Accuracy (linearity)

0,6 - 101 % FSD
Temperature Range-25 to 125°C
Design pressure10bar
Protection rateIP67