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Flow computer – compact and intelligent for on-vehicle testing

The DDM flow computer has been designed for the extreme requirements of road testing. Thanks to its compact housing, it basically can be fitted everywhere even where space is limited.

The flow computer is equipped with an automatic sensor identification. After connectioning a turbine flow meter, the device will be immediately ready for operation (hot-pluggable). The measuring system configured automatically.

Up to 10 process fluids data (viscosity vs.temperature) can be stored for viscosity compensation. The medium currently to be measured can be selected by using an RFID tag.

Turbine frequency and medium temperature are precisely measured, linearized and viscosity-compensated. Fast data processing generates flow rate and temperature analogue output signals in real time.

A TEDS data memory enables the automated parameterisation of data acquisition systems connected. This simplifies the configuration of the whole measurement chain.

Your Mission Impossible is our passion. We are glad to manufacture customer-specific designs on request. Our team looks forward to your task.

Input signals: 2.5 kHz TTL max.

Accuracy: ± 0,1 %

Operating temperature range: −40 °C to+125 °C

Output: CAN-BUS 2.0B high speed (ISO 11989-2:2016)

Data sheet

pdf | 237 KB

Input signal: max. 2,5 kHz (TTL)

Accuracy: ± 0,1%

Operating temperature range: -40 to +125°C

Output: 0 to 10V


pdf | 267 KB

Input signal: max. 2,5 kHz (TTL)

Accuracy: ± 0,1%

Operating temperature range: -40 to +125°C

Output: 0 to 10V

Data sheet

pdf | 257 KB

Flow computer makes changing measuring media easier as never before

Tool-free switching of the measuring media on the flow computer - this is how it works ...

Quick guide to changing the measuring medium on the flow computer

Step 1 – Connecting the signal cable and power supply

Connect the signal cable and the power supply to the flow socket of the flow computer. Important: The supply voltage should be between 9 and 32 V DC. The turbine flow measurement system has a maximum current consumption of 60 mA.

✓ The status LED, located on the top right of the device, starts to light up, signalling that the flow computer is ready to detect a turbine.

 Step 2 – Connecting the turbine

Connect the VCT turbine or the Smart-Pickoff to the turbine socket of the flow computer. The flow computer reads the saved parameters of the connected turbine and scales the output signal according to the turbine data (example: the calibrated measuring range of 0 to 40 l/min corresponds to the output signal of 0 to 10 V DC).

✓ After parameterisation, the status LED of the flow computer changes to green, the system is ready for operation.

Step 3 – Changing the measuring medium

To select a different measurement medium, disconnect the turbine from the flow computer.
Place the supplied RFID tag on the media field on the front foil of the flow computer.

Step 4 – Selecting the new medium

Reconnect the turbine to the turbine socket of the flow computer.
✓ The LEDs in front of the different media start to light up one after the other.

As soon as the LED for the desired medium lights up, remove the RFID tag.

✓ The new medium is now selected and remains saved as the default setting – regardless of whether the turbine is changed or the flow computer is disconnected from the power supply.


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