ultrasonic flow meter PFA hose Ultraschall-Durchflussmesser PFA Schlauch-MetraFlow

ultrasonic flow meter PFA hose MetraFlow

PFA hose with FDA approval
PFA hose with FDA approval
large measuring range
large measuring range

Functional description

MetraFlow is a non-invasive ultrasonic flow meter. An FDA approved hose is is paasing through the meter body. No further wetted parts will limit media compatibility. The flow meter has a large measuring range and can be integrated easily. The MetraFlow meter setting is made via the USB interface.

Product details

Connection1/8” & 1/4" hose
Measurement ranges20 ... 1000 ml/min & 100 ... 5000 ml/min
Repeatability±0.1% plus ±0.02% FSD
Material of wetted partsPFA hose with FDA approval
OutputImpuls (NPN or PNP); 4 - 20mA; 0 - 10V; 0 -5V


Linearity± 0.5% v.MB
Temperature Rangemax. 60°C
Design pressure27.7bar(g)@25°C for 1/8" hose; 16.7bar(g)@25°C for 1/4" hose


Dimension Ultrasonic Flow Meter Pfa Hose Ultraschall Durchflussmesser Pfa Schlauch Metraflow