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To permit the flow measurement of fluids, there are a number of measuring principles . The various measuring principles, whith unique dvantages should be selected in accordance with the specific requirements and the concrete measuring task.

What is the maximum flow rate expected? How accurate and fast must the flow measurement be? Is the process media abrasive or chemically aggressive? Estimate the maximum medium temperature? What installation space is available? Let our experienced team advise you. We will find the right measuring principle and the ideal measuring device for your project. Decades of experience and our passion for our core business ensure an excellent quality standard.

Discover our intelligent and innovative products and systems for the measurement of liquid flow rate.

Can’t find the ideal solution? In that case we could offer a customized solution for your specific application. Your Mission Impossible is our passion. Get in touch with us today. Our interdisciplinary team is looking forward to your inquiries.


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