Ultrasonic flow meter – long-term stability par excellence

DDM Ultrasonic flow meters are precise flow meters for homogeneous liquids. The flow tube itself contains no moving parts and therefore the principal is featuring to be non -intrusive. It may be used for the measurement of high-purity media as well as for contaminated liquids. The fluid velocity is determined by measureing the ultrasonic transit times. This method is independent of the pressure, temperature, conductivity and viscosity of the respective fluid. Ultrasonic flow meters are characterised by minimal maintenance as well as by a long service life.

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Connection: ¼” BSP

Measurement range: 2 ... 500ml/min to 0,1 ... 15l/min

Repeatability: ±0.1% +0.005% FSD

Material of wetted parts: 316 and PEEK

Output: Impuls (NPN or PNP);

Connection: 1/8” & 1/4" hose

Measurement ranges: 20 ... 1000 ml/min & 100 ... 5000 ml/min

Repeatability: ±0.1% plus ±0.02% FSD

Material of wetted parts: PFA hose with FDA approval

o Output: Impuls (NPN or PNP); 4 - 20mA; 0 - 10V; 0 -5V

Connection: 3/8” John Guest, 1/2” BSP, 1/2” NPT

Measurement range: 2 ... 500ml/min to 0,1 ... 20l/min

Repeatability: ±0.1% (25 to 100% v.MB); ±0.5% (< 25 v.MB)

Material of wetted parts: PEEK / 316 ; PEEK / Borosilikatglas

Output: Impuls (NPN or PNP); 4 - 20mA; 0 - 10V; 0 -5V

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