Pressure sensor
high resolution analogue output
narrow total error band
Excellent long-term stability

Functional description

The PV-25L pressure transmitter has a silicone based pressure module with on chip temperature probe An excellent long-term stability is achieved through extensive temperature and pressure cycles. . For very high resolution pressure readings are linearized, amplified and temperature compensated still providing an analogue signal path without A/D and D/A conversion.

Product details

Ø25 mm
Measurement ranges
Gauge pressure100 mbar bis 150 bar (beliebige Zwischenbereiche; Bidirectional)
Absolute pressure250 mbar bis 150 bar (beliebige Zwischenbereiche)
Output0 bis 5V oder 0 bis 10V
Comp. Temperature Range0°C bis +50°C
Pressure connectionsG1/4“ female; G1/4“ male to DIN 3852 T11 seals incl.


(Non-linearity, hysteresis, repeatability)
Standard≤ ± 0,1% v.MB
Optional≤ ± 0,05% v.MB
Optional≤ ± 0,02% v.MB


DimensionsAB (male thread)B (female thread)C
G1/4 a12
G1/4 i/
M12 connector51,361,39,5
DIN connector53,663,628