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Viscosity & Density

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State-of-the-art for your flow measurement Measuring
viscosity and density for customer specific flow calibration

  • Measuring viscosity and density over a wide temperature range
  • Time and cost efficient calibration
  • High precision testing of customer specific fluid

Your added value:

We determine the density and viscosity of your media at multiple temperatures over the application specific temperature range.

Use of viscometers in flow measurement

Flow turbines are viscosity dependent flow meters that are calibrated at customer specific viscosities. The viscosities to be calibrated depend on the turbine flow meter application requirements.

We would be happy to determine the viscosity of the medium for your application over your specific temperature range. Depending on the temperature-viscosity behavior of your medium, a number of calibration liquids with different viscosities are blended. During calibration the media temperature can vary between 15°C and 35°C. Therefore the temperature-viscosity characteristic of the calibration fluid is stored within the flow calibrator. The fluid temperature is measured continuously to calculate the real fluid viscosity during flow meter calibration.

Our range of services: Oil check, Newtonian fluids and more

We determine the viscosity and density of Newtonian liquids. Our calibration laboratory is equipped with the best technology (viscometer + densitometer) to determine the viscosity index of fluids such as coolants, jet fuel, diesel, biodiesel blends, gear oils, petrol and marine fuels.

Our range of services – your PLUS service

  • Kinematic viscosity 1 mm²/s to 30 000 mm²/s
  • Density 0,6 g/cm³ to 3 g/cm³
  • Viscosity index
  • Dynamic viscosity
  • Density measurement
  • Sample temperature control -60°C to +135°C

We only need a sample volume of 5 ml for the analysis. Depending on your application, the sample can be analyzed at any temperature between -60°C and +135°C. The determination of the kinematic viscosity over a specific temperature range is the basis for the viscosity correction of flow meters such as our VCT flow turbine and the VCA flow computer. With the help of a precisely determined temperature-viscosity fluid characteristic, the flow measurement system automatically corrects for process media temperature – viscosity changes.

In use across sectors – a selection of other areas for visco and density meters

  • Oil industry: petrol, diesel, jet fuel, transformer oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil and silicone oils
  • Automotive: brake fluids
  • Pharmaceutical industry: white oils
  • Cosmetics industry: oconut oil, palm oil, shea butter, essential oils


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