Differential pressure transmitter
High resolution
Fast response analogue output

Functional description

The PV-2722 differential pressure sensor is a wet/wet construction. Both pressure ports are 316 welded construction with no seals fitted. An excellent long-term stability is achieved through extensive temperature and pressure cycles. For very high resolution pressure readings are linearized, amplified and temperature compensated still providing an analogue signal path without A/D and D/A conversion.

- Product details

Ø27 mm
Measurement range100 mbar bis 3,5 bar (Any ranges in between; Bidirectional)
Output0 to 5 V or 1 to 6 V
Comp. Temperature Range0 to +50°C, -20 to 80°C or -40 to 125°C
Pressure connectionM10x1


(Non-linearity, hysteresis, zero and span settings, temperature effects of zero and span)
Standard≤ 1,5% v. MB
Optional≤ 1,0% v. MB
Optional≤ 0,5% v. MB