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Displays and converters for flow meters -

versatile and user-friendly

The Pulsite Solo Display and Pulsite Link Converter are programmable instruments that offer versatility and ease of use. They are a valuable add-on for common flow meters such as oval gear meters, ultrasonic flow meters and Pelton wheel flow meters.

Pulsite Solo – programmable display unit for flowmeters

The Pulsite Solo display is a battery-powered, programmable display unit and allows the user to digitally display either the flow rate or the total flow.

It requires no external power supply and can be customised for different applications. The device is suitable for both panel and surface mounting. It processes input signals from pulse, coil and reed switch flowmeters.

Thanks to the intuitive front keys and easy-to-understand on-screen instructions, programming is particularly simple.

With a typical battery life of five years, the Pulsite Solo Display is a reliable and flexible solution for data monitoring and display in flow measurement.

Pulsite Link – programmable converter for flowmeters

The Pulsite Link is a programmable converter that converts the measurement results of standard flow meters into linearised analogue and NPN/PNP output signals. It processes both pulse and reed switch output signals from flowmeters and supplies 5Vdc to the installed flowmeter.

The system is configured and tested using Titan’s interface software, which is operated via USB and computer. Calibration data can be entered to linearise the flow meter signal for greater accuracy.

The Pulsite Link converter provides NPN and PNP pulses and analogue outputs of 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc or 4-20mA and allows configuration of flow alarm outputs.

Product quality from Titan for flow measurement

With Titan’s products, users benefit from accurate, reliable and versatile solutions for flow measurement and flow indication.

Titan’s instruments are housed in robust polymer enclosures with IP64 protection and can be either panel or surface mounted. They offer user-programmable settings and are ideal for monitoring data, displaying flow rates and totals, and providing cost-effective display solutions.

Find out more about the many possibilities offered by the Pulsite Link Converter and the Pulsite Solo Display. We look forward to your enquiry! Your Mission Impossible is our passion. Discover our intelligent and innovative products and systems for liquid flow measurement.

LCD display: current flow rate & total flow rate

possible units: Gal - cc - kg - gms - Ltr & sec - min - Hr

Power supply: 5 to 24Vdc or AA battery

Protection class: IP64

Data sheet Pulsit solo

pdf | 490 KB

Linearisation: Calibration points of the flow meter can be stored

Signal input: Pulse or Reed switch

Response time: from 100ms

Flow alarm outputs: programmable high and low alarms

Operating temperature range: 0 - 65°C

Protection class: IP64

Data sheet Pulsit Link

pdf | 253 KB


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