DDM Sensors, Systems, and Specialized Solutions for Automotive Testing and Field Trials Worldwide – Our Distribution Partners at a Glance

With our products, systems, and solutions for pressure and flow measurement in Automotive Testing, proven over decades, we support vehicle manufacturers worldwide in their development work.

Discover our international network of qualified distribution partners, experienced in metrology, Automotive Testing, and test bench metrology.

Our knowledgeable local colleagues look forward to your inquiries and your Mission Impossible!

DDM England Distribution Partner

Interface Force Measurements Ltd“The Force, Torque and Pressure Measurement Specialists.”

Interface Force specializes in force, torque, and pressure sensors. The technology is used across various industries and is tailored to specific applications through targeted consultation.

In Automotive Testing, Interface Force advises on the measurement of force and torque, as well as DDM products and systems for pressure and flow measurements.

DDM Italy Distribution Partner

Danetech SRL

Founded in 2005, Danetech has over twenty years of experience in the market for instruments, sensors, and systems for measurement, calibration, and data acquisition in industrial applications.

Danetech’s experience is combined with a constant search for innovation, offering customers state-of-the-art sensors, instruments, and systems. The company has always been synonymous with the development of innovative products and instruments for measuring, calibrating, and data capturing pressure, temperature, process signals, humidity and dew point, force, torque, displacement, vibration, and flow.

DDM Mexico and China Distribution Partner

KOCH Consulting + Export GmbH & Co. KG

Since 1984, the name KOCH has stood for sustainable support of global customers in the automotive sector. The company’s core competencies include the supply of technical products, first-level support, and consulting on more efficient procurement processes. With an extensive network of logistics experts and international technical teams, KOCH offers a seamless and efficient export service.

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