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Customer specificity in focus - the innovative product development


Wind energy

Environmental technology


Solutions for application specific requirements: Precise pressure and flow measurement

We develop customer-specific solutions to measure pressure and flow for complex and unprecedented tasks. For best application fit our engineering is strictly driven by customers system specification. Our high precision products provide reliable results, low cost of ownership and minimizing down time. DDM products are made to fit and forget.

Decades of experience, curiosity and creativity are the basis for a perfect customer specifiy solution

Peter Arbes, founder and managing director

Whatever the application is – DDM is the ideal partner for product engineering and product development work to create marketable products. Customer contributes from DDMs expertise in the fields of sensors and complex measuring systems.

Reliability, precision and an optimal integration capability are the key features where all our products are focused on.

Stefan Roth, Head of Development

Markets in focus:
Your Mission Impossible is our passion


Sensors and measuring systems to monitore pressure and flow rate in vehicles with combustion, hybrid or purely electric drives. Our products have proven themselves thousand times under demanding environmental conditions on road tests and climate test benches. For measurements on fuel cells, we manufacture sensors suitable for hydrogen.

Wind energy

Renewable energy from wind turbines contributes to reduce the global warming. Adjustable rotor blades enable the regulation of the rotor speed. The hydraulic pressure needed for the adjustment is recorded by pressure sensors and used by an intelligent control system to set the blade angle.

Environmental technology

Groundwater level monitoring. Important to secure the supply of potable waterin times of increasing global warming and drought periods.


Miniature high precision pressure sensors are proven to operate reliable at high vibration levels and rapid temperature changes.

Hydrogen use

Hydrogen has become an indispensable part of the future energy mix. DDM hydrogen use pressure sensors perfectly meet the demanding requirements of hydrogen driven truck road test as well as development work on more efficient fuel cells.

Viscosity & Density

Precise calibration of flow meters in product development and quality assurance is extremely important not only for the automotive or oil industry, but also for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors. Our calibration laboratory is well equipped here and has an in-house flow test bench, a viscometer and a state-of-the-art density meter. We can handle a wide variety of customer-specific media, from petrol to brake fluids and white oils to coconut or palm oil and many more at very high precision.

Your Mission Impossible

We are glad to manufacture customer-specific designs on request. Our team looks forward to your task.


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