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Innovations for pressure and flow measuring
Made in Germany by DDM

Upgrade instead of discard! Our small digital RF pickup (Smart-Pickup) is an intelligent sustainable add-on for every existing turbine flow meter.

The consistent drive for miniaturization and sustainability inspired us to develop the DDM Smart-Pickup. Pickups on the market with built-in RF signal amplifiers usually take up too much space, and RF pickups without signal amplification are susceptible to interference due to the exposed RF resonant circuit. The innovative DDM smart pickup is highly miniaturized and can digitalize the RF signal inside, ensuring a reliable TTL high level digital pulse output signal. Another advantage for maximum flexibility and minimum space requirements: the electrical connection comes with a high temperature cable and freely adjustable orientation

Almost any existing turbine flow meter system can be upgraded to the current state of the art by using our DDM Smart-Pickup. Keep your turbine flow meter running just upgrade the electronics while your meter is calibrated next.

DDM pressure sensor qualified for hydrogen use.

DDM’s established pressure sensor PV-22 series have been qualified for hydrogen use. Hydrogen has become an indispensable part of the future energy mix. DDM hydrogen use pressure sensors perfectly meet the demanding requirements of hydrogen driven truck road test as well as development work on more efficient fuel cells.

System-Upgrade for flow measurement: Flow turbine meter with media exposed temperature probe. Flow computer with tool free media selection.

The new flow measurement system VCM (Viscosity-Compensated-Measuring) has been designed for the extreme requirements of road testing. The VCT turbine meter as well as the VCA flow-computer have been miniaturized and can be fitted even where space is limited. Every flow turbine meter is equipped with a media exposed temperature probe by default.

Enhanced quality management: monitoring of measurement devices with camera based wear pattern support.

In cooperation with one of our customers, we have developed a system linking the measurement data from a conventional calibration procedure with the wear pattern recorded by an endoscope. Device under test (DUT) with abnormale calibration data are visually inspected by an endoscope. Calibration data together with wear pattern supports predictive maintenance decision.

Read our application reports to learn more.
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