DDM pressure sensor qualified for hydrogen use

DDM’s established pressure sensor PV-22 series have been qualified for hydrogen use. Hydrogen has become an indispensable part of the future energy mix. DDM hydrogen use pressure sensors perfectly meet the demanding requirements of hydrogen driven truck road test as well as development work on more efficient fuel cells.

Electrically powered trucks and heavy vehicles with fuel cell technology offer opportunities for more climate-friendly goods transportation. Extensive road tests are necessary when developing such vehicles. The DDM PV-22 sensor has been proven to be reliable under those extreme conditions for years. As a result the new PV-22H2 series are qualified for hydrogen applications.

DDM´s hydrogen use pressure sensors have extensively been tested with various compositions of hydrogen, oxygen, water and water vapour. The pressure modules and process connections are made of 316L stainless steel. They are fit together without seal, fully welded and helium leak tested. The PV-22H2 is supplied with a manufacturer´s declaration for hydrogen use. Well known car manufacturers have already proven the PV-22H2 pressure sensors to be accurate and reliable.

Ideally combined – The measurement of flow and pressure in electrically powered vehicles.

Besides hydrogen pressure sensors, DDM provides powerful flow measurements for on vehicle test of smart battery thermal management systems of electrically powered vehicles. DDM turbine flow meters are highly accurate and extremely miniaturized. Thanks to an integrated media exposed thermocouple DDM turbine meters are corrected for media viscosity changes. A new circuit design for extended EMC protection ensures reliable readings at the vehicle high-voltage environment.