System-Upgrade for flow measurement: Flow turbine meter with media exposed temperature probe. Flow computer with tool free media selection.

The new flow measurement system VCM (Viscosity-Compensated-Measuring) has been designed for the extreme requirements of road testing. The VCT turbine meter as well as the VCA flow-computer have been miniaturized and can be fitted even where space is limited. Every flow turbine meter is equipped with a media exposed temperature probe by default.

VCA flow computer operate with any DDM flow turbine meter. They system is plug and play and will configure itselve after connected. Up to 10 customer-specific fluid characteristics (viscosity vs. temperature) may be stored in the flow computer memory. The medium to be measured can be selected tool free by using an RFID tag. The flow computer generates a viscosity-compensated, analogue output for flow rate and media temperature. Dynamic averaging and low flow suppression can be set. The flow measuring system offers TEDS functionality for the automatic parameterization of connected data acquisition systems.