Enhanced quality management: monitoring of measurement devices with camera based wear pattern support.

In cooperation with one of our customers, we have developed a system linking the measurement data from a conventional calibration procedure with the wear pattern recorded by an endoscope. Device under test (DUT) with abnormale calibration data are visually inspected by an endoscope. Calibration data together with wear pattern supports predictive maintenance decision.

Depending on the individual application pressure sensors are probably stressed by a high number of pressure cycles, pressure spikes, temperature cycles, shock and vibrations.

For pressure sensors used within a measurement aquipment periodic recalibration is required. Common recalibration procedure is to apply pressure and measure the DUT output signal. A nominal-actual value comparison decides if the deviation is within permissible limits or not. For DUT’s where accuracy over a wide temperature band is important a recalibration at various temperatures can be required.

DDM investigations found more parameter which could decrease the pressure sensor performance. Application-specific contamination or damage of the pressure-sensitive diapragm can affecting the accuracy of the pressure sensor as well. Those mechanically based errors source can be detected by the endoscope camera.

This extended inspection method contributes to a more predictive based quality management.