Convertor Pulsit Link

Analogue output signal
Analogue output signal
Digital USB interface
Digital USB interface

Functional description

The Pulsite Link is a programmable converter that transforms standard pulse outputs from flow meters into linearised analogue and NPN/PNP outputs. It is designed to enhance the accuracy of flow measurements by offering configurable outputs and calibration options. Additionally, the Pulsite Link can be connected to a PC via a USB cable. The Titan interface software allows the calibration points of the flow meter to be stored for linearisation. High and low alarms can be defined. The interface software also provides the capability to record and save measurement data. Besides the analogue output signals, such as current (4-20mA), voltage (0-5VDC & 0-10VDC), and pulse output (NPN/PNP), the Pulsite Link can also output the measurement results via an ASCII interface.

Product details

LinearisationCalibration points of the flow meter can be stored
Signal inputPulse or Reed switch
Response timefrom 100ms
Flow alarm outputsprogrammable high and low alarms
Operating temperature range0 - 65°C
Protection classIP64

Signal output

Voltage 0 - 5Vdc, 0 - 10Vdc
Current4 - 20mA
Frequency output NPN or PNP
Digital ASCII interface or Titan interface software