brake pressure sensor Bremsdrucksensor-PV15B

brake pressure sensor PV15B

high speed analogue output
high speed analogue output
wide temperature range
wide temperature range

Functional description

Whether vehicles with combustion engine, hybrid drive or electric drive, every vehicle must be braked reliably and safely. In addition to electric recuperation, this is done via a hydraulic system with brake discs or brake drums. In order to measure this brake pressure as close as possible to the caliper brake under all adverse conditions, DDM has developed the PV-15B brake pressure sensor. The PV-15B is small and lightweight, as well as vibration and temperature resistant, so it can perform these tasks reliably and steadily. The burst pressure of this pressure sensor is over 400bar, so the brake line remains pressure-resistant under any load.

Product details

Pressure Ranges (FRO):0 to 200 bar rel. (others on request)
Overpressure300 bar
Burst pressure400 bar
Output Signal (3-wire)0.5 to 4.5 V
Load Impedance> 5 kOhm
Measurement PerformanceTotal Error Band within Operating Temperature Range (includes non-linearity, hysteresis, repeatability, zero and span settings, thermal shift on zero and span) ≤ 1 % FRO
Stability≤ 0.2 % FRO per year (typically)
Response Time< 0,5 ms
Operating Temperature Range−40 °C to +150 °C


Process Media Temperatureup to +150 °C
Supply Voltage (VS)8 to 32 VDC
Current Consumption≤ 5 mA
Material of Wetted Parts1.4404 and 1.4435
Electrical ConnectionHigh temperature shielded cable
Pressure ConnectionM10×1 with 90° cone
Protection RateIP67
Weight30 g, app.
EMV12 V/m 80 MHz – 2 GHz to DIN EN 61326 (A)
VibrationDIN EN 60068-2-64 Grade 1

Dimensions (ca. mm)

Dimension Brake Pressure Sensor Pv15B

Electrical Connections

Volts+ Vs red
Volts+ Outputyellow
Volts− Vsblue