customized pressure sensor Kundenspezifischer Drucksensor-Sensor Solution

customized pressure sensor Sensor Solution

Functional description

We develop and manufacture pressure sensors and transmitters according to your requirements. We provide advise on best suitable selection of the measuring principle. Whether piezoresistive, thick or thin film, we recommend the ideal solution for your application. The measuring range will be determined according to customer requirements. We select the materials and design geometries in accordance with your particular application. Various output signals such as voltage or current output, IO-Link or CAN protocols are available.

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Product details

ØCustomer specificity
Measurement range0...100mbar to (-1) 0...150 bar
Output Voltage, current, CAN protocols, IO-Link
Comp. Temperature Range0..50°C to -40...180°C
Pressure connectionCustomised


(Non-linearity, hysteresis, zero and span settings, temperature effects of zero and span)
Customer requestup to ≤ 0,25% v.MB