pelton wheel flow meter Flügelradzähler-1000 Serie

pelton wheel flow meter 1000 series

Functional description

The 1000 series of pelton wheel flow meters is a cost- and performance-optimised meter offering seven different flow ranges from 0.05 to 30l/min. The excellent chemical resistance, even for ultrapure water, is due to the carefull selection of wetted parts materials. The 1000 series flow meters are available with 1/2″ BSPF process connections. The radially driven pelton wheel is equipped with robust, smooth-running sapphire bearings.

Product details

Connection1/2" BSPF
Measurement range0,05... 0,5 l/min to 2,0 ... 30,0 l/min
Material of wetted partsin contact with mediaPVDF or stainless steel
OutputImpuls (NPN or PNP)

Accuracy (linearity)

0,05 ... 0,5l/min & 0,12... 1,5l/min2,0% FSD
0,2 ... 4,5l/min & 0,25 ... 6,5l/min1,5% FSD
0,3 ... 10l/min ; 0,5 ... 15l/min & 2 ... 30 l/min1,0% FSD
Temperature Range-25 ... 60°C or -25 ... 125°C
Design pressure10bar, 40bar optional
Protection rateIP67


Dimension Pelton Wheel Flow Meter Fluegelradzaehler 1000 Serie