pressure sensor Drucksensor-PV15

pressure sensor PV15

high speed analogue output
high speed analogue output
excellent long-term stability
excellent long-term stability

Functional description

The PV-15 series has been designed to withstand the extreme temperature, vibration and shock levels of automotive test applications. The fully welded stainless steel pressure module provides excellent media compatibility, high over-pressure and burst ratings. The temperature compensated signal is a customer specific high level output voltage ideal for interfacing with data acquisition hardware. The PV-15 series can be powered directly from the vehicle battery, even during the start cycle. It is suitable for measurements where temperature cannot be controlled and reliable high performance measurement is required.

Product details

Ø16 mm
Measurement ranges
Gauge pressure(-1) 0...2,5bar to (-1) 0...150 bar (Any ranges in between)
Absolute pressure0...2,5bar to 0...150 bar (Any ranges in between)
Output0,5 to 4,5 V
Comp. Temperature Range-40°C to +125°C
Pressure connectionM6x1; M8x1


(Non-linearity, hysteresis, zero and span settings, temperature effects of zero and span)
Standard≤ 1% v.MB
Optional≤ 0,5% v.MB
Optional≤ 0,25% v.MB


Dimension Pressure Sensor Pv15
M6x1 male612,7
M8x1 male814
Connector (Deutsch)28,89,5