Display Pulsit Solo

Digital display
Digital display

Functional description

The Pulsite Solo is a battery-operated, programmable indicator that can display either the current flow rate or the total flow rate. The display is versatile, as it does not require an external power supply, it can be customised for different applications. Mounting on a panel or surface is possible. The Pulsit Solo supports several types of flow devices such as pulse, coil and reed switch flow meters.

Product details

LCD displaycurrent flow rate & total flow rate
possible unitsGal - cc - kg - gms - Ltr & sec - min - Hr
Power supply5 to 24Vdc or AA battery
Protection classIP64


Pulsemax. 2 kHz
Coilmax. 2kHz, 3mV - 24V sine wave
Reed switchmax. 100Hz