ultrasonic knife industry Ultraschall-Durchflussmesser Industrie-atrato

Ultrasonic flow meter knife industry Atrato

large measuring range
large measuring range
lowest pressure loss
lowest pressure loss

Functional description

The Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter is ideal for measuring small flow rates starting from 2 ml/min, offering remarkable measurement accuracy over a wide range. These inline flowmeters utilize patented “Time-of-Flight” ultrasonic technology, capable of measuring both laminar and turbulent flowing liquids with high precision.
The Atrato flowmeter is available in various materials, including PEEK and stainless steel, making it particularly suitable for applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries. It offers pulse and analog outputs as well as ASCII data transmission via USB, enabling direct integration with LabVIEW and other software systems.
With the included Titan Interface Software, users can easily configure the Atrato flowmeter, log data, set alarms, and monitor multiple devices simultaneously. This user-friendly software facilitates handling and allows comprehensive data analysis and system monitoring.

Product details

Connection 3/8” John Guest, 1/2” BSP, 1/2” NPT
Measurement range2 ... 500ml/min to 0,1 ... 20l/min
Repeatability±0.1% (25 to 100% v.MB); ±0.5% (< 25 v.MB)
Material of wetted parts PEEK / 316 ; PEEK / Borosilikatglas
OutputImpuls (NPN or PNP); 4 - 20mA; 0 - 10V; 0 -5V


linearity±1.0% v.MW
Temperature Range-10 to 60°C, -10 to 110°C
Design pressure10bar, 30bar


Dimension Ultrasonic Knife Industry Ultraschall Durchflussmesser Industrie Atrato
Port "B"Size "A" [mm]
3/8” John Guest145
1/2” BSP PEEK142
1/2” NPT180
1/2” BSP stainless180