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Our maxim is a fair and cooperative relationship with our customers and with our suppliers. All together we develop and manufacture products contributing to ecological sustainability.

The customer-specificity and the integration ability permit the creation of products which are perfect tailored to the specific application. All designs were chosen in such a manner that the products can be manufactured in a resource-saving way, with little material and reduced energy consumption.

We manufacture pressure sensors, pressure sensors, and pressure transmitters. These devices measure pressures from 100 mbar up to 1,000 bar very reliable and at the highest accuracy level.

Various flow sensors and measuring systems are available for the recording of flow rates. The wide range of measuring principles permits the recording of flow rates between 0.01 and 500 liters per minute.

To underline sustainability, all products are designed for a long service life. Our calibration service significantly contributes to this aspect. We maintain and calibrate all customers’ devices for extended service life and reliable and traceable measurements.


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