flow turbine pickoff Messaufnehmer-Smart-Pickoff ASP

flow turbine pickoff Smart-Pickoff ASP

calibrated frequency output (TTL)
calibrated frequency output (TTL)
identifi cation memory
identifi cation memory

Functional description

DDM Smart-Pickoff ASP series is an intelligent pickoff for speed sensing of flowmeter turbine blades. Suitable mounting kits are available for easy installation to almost any flow turbine meter. The ASP housing is extremely miniaturized to fit even at applications where space is limited. The electrical connection comes with a high temperature cable and freely adjustable orientation. Turbine speed is detected without drag and converted to a high level digital TTL output. The ASP requires a DC supply voltage to operate. Carrier frequency amplifiers commonly used to run turbine flow meters are no longer required to perform a flow meter traceable calibration. A fast response temperature probe is providing media temperature readings for viscosity correction. Flow Turbine parameters and calibration data are stored in an internal memory. Combined with the intelligent VCA and VCA-T flow computer series we got self-parameterizing flow measurement systems which are linearized and viscosity corrected.

Product details

Input Frequency0.5 to 2,000 Hz
thread connector11/16"-24UNEF; 5/8"-18UNF others on request
Temperature probe thermocouple Type T

Temperature Range

Medium-40 to +150°C
Environment-40 to +125°C

Output signal

Turbine frequencymax. 2 kHz (TTL)


Dimension Flow Turbine Pickoff Messaufnehmer Smart Pickoff Asp