pressure sensor Druckmessumformer-PV25L

pressure sensor PV25L

high resolution
high resolution
narrow total error band
narrow total error band
excellent long-term stability
excellent long-term stability

Functional description

The PV-25L series is a high performance configurable solution for pressure measurement. The micromachined
silicon technology and analogue circuitry enables excellent accuracy and stability. On board temperature
measurement provides real time temperature compensation while high resolution analogue signal path is
available with fast response.

Product details

Ø25 mm
Measurement ranges
Gauge pressure100 mbar bis 150 bar (beliebige Zwischenbereiche; Bidirectional)
Absolute pressure250 mbar bis 150 bar (beliebige Zwischenbereiche)
Output0 bis 5V oder 0 bis 10V
Comp. Temperature Range0°C bis +50°C
Pressure connectionsG1/4“ female; G1/4“ male to DIN 3852 T11 seals incl.


(Non-linearity, hysteresis, repeatability)
Standard≤ ± 0,1% FRO
Optional≤ ± 0,05% FRO
Optional≤ ± 0,02% FRO


Dimension Pressure Transmitter Drucktransmitter Px25L
DimensionsAB (male thread)B (female thread)C
G1/4 a 12
G1/4 i/
M12 connector51,361,39,5
Cable48,558,5 11
DIN connector53,663,628