ultrasonic knife industry Ultraschall-Durchflussmesser Industrie-Altrato

ultrasonic knife industry Altrato

large measuring range
large measuring range
lowest pressure loss
lowest pressure loss

Functional description

The Atrato ultrasonic flow meter combines the aspects of compatibility and functionality. The large measuring range as well as the various connections and selectable materials give you the chance to use Atrato for a wide variety of measuring tasks in process control, instrumentation and in the laboratory.

Product details

Connection 3/8” John Guest, 1/2” BSP, 1/2” NPT
Measurement range2 ... 500ml/min to 0,1 ... 20l/min
Repeatability±0.1% (25 to 100% v.MB); ±0.5% (< 25 v.MB)
Material of wetted parts PEEK / 316 ; PEEK / Borosilikatglas
OutputImpuls (NPN or PNP); 4 - 20mA; 0 - 10V; 0 -5V


linearity±1.0% v.MW
Temperature Range-10 to 60°C, -10 to 110°C
Design pressure10bar, 30bar


Dimension Ultrasonic Knife Industry Ultraschall Durchflussmesser Industrie Altrato
Port "B"Size "A" [mm]
3/8” John Guest145
1/2” BSP PEEK142
1/2” NPT180
1/2” BSP stainless180