Flow computer with temperature output
Automatic sensor identification and parameterization
Real-time signal processing
Up to 10 media characteristics may be selected without any tools

Functional description

The smart VCA-T flow computer has been designed to withstand the extreme temperature, vibration and shock levels of automotive test applications. The VCA-T can be powered directly from the vehicle battery, even during the start cycle. It is suitable for flow measurements where temperature cannot be controlled and reliable high performance measurement is required. Thanks to its compact housing, it offers an ideal integration into the engine compartment.

The VCA-T is featuring an automatic sensor identification. As soon as a VCT series high precision turbine meter is connected, the VCA-T flow computer will be configured automatically and is ready to operate immediate (hot-plug). Up to 10 media characteristics (viscosity/temperature) can be stored for viscosity compensation. The actual fluid can be be selected wireless by using an RFID tag. Turbine frequency and fluid temperature is measured simultaiously. The VCA-T flow computer is processing data in real time. VCT turbine meter is linearized, viscosity-compensated and analogue output signals are set to the corresponding values. Integrated TEDS memory provides default data for automatic configuration of connected data acquisition systems. That makes it more economic and simplifies the measurement setup.

Product details

Input signalmax. 2,5 kHz (TTL)
Accuracy± 0,1%
Operating temperature range-40 to +125°C
Output0 to 10V; CAN-BUS