Development of flow calibrators

Customised flow calibrator for time- and cost-efficient development and production

The calibration of flow meters is a complex process. Generally speaking, this work is carried out by calibration laboratories having the appropriate technical equipment. In addition to the calibration costs, there is the downtime which may be significant for the customer.

To minimize calibration cost and downtime we developed a customer specific flow calibration rig. The rig is easy to operate and the calibration routine runs automatically. The devices under test (DUT) are flowmeters with ranges up to 30 liters per minute. In order to match calibration fluid with application specific viscosity a special calibration fuild was used. To maintain that viscosity constant, the fluid temperature was controled at a defined level. A variable speed positive displacement pump runs the fluid within a closed loop. Thanks to this pump technology, calibration liquids up to 1,000 cSt may be used. Within the closed loop there is a master flow meter to compare the flow rate readings with the readings from DUT. The handling is easy and requires no special knowledge. Just fit the DUT chose the approbriate calibration routine and press the start buttom. The whole calibration process runs automatically and generates a pass/fail message.

Targets of cost saving and minimizing of downtime where achieved perfectly.

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