turbine flow meter threaded Connection Messturbine Gewindeanschluss-VCT-AN

Turbine flow meter threaded connection VCT-AN

Calibrated pulse output (TTL)
Calibrated pulse output (TTL)
Temperature probe media exposed
Temperature probe media exposed
Identification memory
Identification memory

Functional description

The VCT rotor geometry is further optmized and supported by a high-performance hybrid ball bearing. Those improvements resulting in a wide turndown and excellent repeatability. The turbine speed is detected with no drag to the rotor and converted into a common TTL frequency output. A miniaturized media exposed probe take accurate dynamic readings of process media temperature. VCT defaults and calibration data are stored within an integrated data memory. Combined with the smart flow computer VCA or VCA-T series a plug and play low measuring systems is operating at high accuracy and independent from fluid viscosity.

Product details

ThreadAN8; AN10; AN12
Measurement ranges0,1 to 100l/m
Repeatability± 0,025 % of reading
Temperature probe media exposedType T thermocouple

Temperature Range

Medium -40 to +150°C
Environment-40 to +125°C

Output signal

Turbine frequencymax. 2 kHz (TTL)


Dimension Turbine Flow Meter Threaded Connection Messturbine Gewindeanschluss Vct An
TypeInner ØMeasurement rangeAN threadSWFilter
VCT-AN[mm][Lit./Min.][Lit./Min.][mm][mm][mm][g] [mm][mm]