oval gear meter 50l-min Ovalradzähler 50l-min-OG4

oval gear meter 50l/min OG4

viscosity independent
viscosity independent
small overall error
small overall error
digital output signal
digital output signal

Functional description

At the heart of the meter are a pair of toothed oval gears one of which contains chemically resistant magnets. Rotation is detected through the chamber wall by a Hall Effect detector, Namur sensor or a reed switch giving a number pulses per litre passed. The output is an NPN pulse or a voltage free contact closure either of which is readily interfaced with most electronic display or recording devices. This combination of materials and technology ensures a long life product with reliable, accurate operation throughout. PEEK is a superb material for gear and bearing manufacture, it has excellent pressure and velocity characteristics coupled with very good thermal properties and chemical resistance. For fluids with viscosities above 1000 cSt specially cut gears are required and the flow range is reduced for a given meter size.

Product details

Connection3/4" BSP F or NPT F
Measurement range0,25 ... 50,0l/min at 30cst oil; 2,5 ... 50,0l/min with water
OutputImpuls NPN; voltage
Pressure Ranges<10bar, <50bar, <400bar, <700bar


Water± 1.0% FSD
30cst oil± 0.5% reading


Housing316, Aluminum, Peek or Hastelloy C
Oval gearsCarbon fiber reinforced Peek
Seals Viton®, Nitrile, EPDM, PTFE, Kalrez®


Dimension Oval Gear Meter 50L Min Ovalradzaehler 50L Min Og4