Pressure sensor for filling systems

Customised for client-specific requirements

The filling of complex systems requires a sophisticated filling process. A time-optimised process with short cycle times is crucial when it is about economic efficiency. To permit the most rapid filling a number of process steps are required. Their dynamic sequence is determined by the geometry of the unit to be filled and by the fluid properties of the filling medium itself. The typical areas of application are refrigerators, air conditioning systems, heat pumps, systems for braking, cooling, air conditioning, engines, gearboxes, hydraulics or windshield wiper systems. The most important parameter for a short cycle is the process pressure. It is crucial that the pressure sensor is fully integrated within the hydraulic system to respond immediate for any pressure change.

The highlight: Our team has developed miniaturized, customer-specific pressure sensors which permit a direct integration into the filling adapter. In addition to the individual design, the electrical interfaces were designed customer specific also.

Depending on the application, pressures can vary between 1 mbar and 125 bar. Fast response time was achieved by flush diaphragm pressure sensing design. Every DDM pressure sensor is equipped with a TEDS memory. The stored data provides default data like TAG number, Serial number, Pressure range, Calibration data which is automatically read at system power up.

Maximised customer benefit: a product with a unique character, exclusively developed and manufactured.

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